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Treeptik is an IT consulting company that specialises in Java/JEE* and Cloud Computing.

Its team of experts goes the extra mile to provide you with simplified IT solutions by designing high performance Cloud and Java services.

Treeptik is developing CloudUnit, a comprehensive set of production tools for Java developers.

Java is a programming language that allows software to be developed independently of the
hardware architecture. This technology is used in a wide variety of platforms, embedded
systems and mobile telephones, PCs, servers, business applications and supercomputers.

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The sharpest minds working for your business, with cutting-edge expertise for complex projects.

Our engineers develop simple and powerful applications to meet your needs and your timelines.

We can also support you for short and long-term jobs to help you upgrade your information systems.

A few references: Thyssen-Krupp, SNCF, My Tailor is Free…

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hands-on learning We offer tailored training in hands-on workshops to get you up and running

Advanced hibernate/JPA, Spring MVC, Docker…

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CloudUnit, the PaaS solution for your Java applications. Could your profitability jump by 30%? We can help you make it happen.

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No project is too outrageous

Keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground. Highly applied research, innovation and technology watch services.

With our experience in research, we are capable of managing our customers’ R&D projects.

We also believe in people’s ability to work together collaboratively. That’s why we like Open Source software

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